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Digital advertising is considered to be one of the most effective ways for a business to enter the big leagues. It helps define the advantages and experiences that make businesses relevant, distinctive, and credible to consumers. Over the years, digital advertising has helped launch new brands and is the most trusted strategy for businesses to directly reach out to their audiences. Google Ads is a similar digital advertising platform that offers paid advertisements which appear in Google SERP or on other websites through the Display Network and Google’s AdSense program. It is the most widely used and relevant platform to drive lead generation, conversion, and purchase. Google Ads has transformed several striving businesses into thriving ones, significantly increasing sales and revenue.

With more consumers engaging with digital channels, and increasingly sophisticated social networking sites, the dependence on digital advertising has increased in the last couple of years. But Google Ads is a versatile and competitive medium and sometimes it can be overwhelming in its scope. It could be challenging for businesses to understand how Google Ads work, therefore, it would be best that they make the most out of online advertising with the help of digital marketing agencies. Digital agencies can provide in-depth analysis at the granular level and can identify significantly more value by uncovering both good and poor ad performances. By analyzing web triggers, audience interests, and web behavior and linking it to purchase actions, they can drive better results across every digital channel. It can significantly improve online ROI and enable businesses to build a compelling strategy to increase more relevant and profitable leads.

Now, let’s head back to our topic.

What is a Google Ads Editor and What Are Its Latest Features

Google Ads Editor

Google Ads Editor is a downloadable application for managing your Google Ad campaigns. It is particularly beneficial for accounts with multiple ad campaigns and a long list of keywords. This is because bulk changes can be easily performed on these ads even if you’re offline. Any number of changes can be made almost instantly to your campaigns with Google Ads Editor. Therefore, businesses that advertise thousands of ads can handle all the data and keywords easily, make updates, and much more. You can export campaigns into an Excel sheet, then include the modifications you require and re-upload the file; the Google Ads Editor will confirm the changes and update it.

Google Ads Editor Version 1.8

The latest edition of Google Ads Editor has been announced and includes several new features that can help businesses manage ads effectively.

The new features include:

Overview page

A new user-friendly and more adaptive view has been created in Google Ads Editor, called the Overview page.

Auto-apply view for Recommendation

You can auto-apply a new view under recommendations. This enables you to allow or disallow the automatic implementation of specific recommendation types.

Support for asset-based call extensions

Google Ads Editor 1.8 currently supports asset-based call extensions completely, it is also called “Call extensions (upgraded)”.

Support for asset-based price extensions

The editor also supports asset-based price extensions, it is also called “Price extensions (upgraded)”.

Support for asset-based hotel callout extensions

It now completely supports asset-based hotel callout extensions, called “Hotel callout extensions (upgraded)”.

Support for asset-based app extensions

The Editor now completely supports asset-based app extensions, also known as “App extensions (upgraded)”.

Display-Gmail campaigns now read-only

The creation of Display-Gmail campaigns is no longer supported. Furthermore, no ad groups can be created under this campaign type (though existing groups can still be edited), and ads for this campaign type cannot be created or updated. It can only be deleted, paused/unpaused, and tags can be changed.

Recommendation stat display mode update

The Google Ads Editor 1.8 now lets you select up to four ways to display statistics (such as weekly impressions, weekly clicks).

Conversion signals for certain recommendations

Different recommendation types are now shown in the “Examples of top signals” section in the edit pane.

Updates to audience targeting

For ad groups that are using different types of audience targeting, such as “Audience (grouped)” targeting, the editor lets you choose which grouped audience to target. For new groups, you can choose whether the ad group should use grouped targeting or the older audience segments.


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