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Web Design in Toronto

Developing creative web designs, logos, graphics, and Internet marketing services to transform your brand.

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Professional Web Development in Toronto

Web Sharx is a premier web design company in the city of Toronto specializing in a wide range of digital marketing, web design, and creative development services. Using our strong foundation of web development and graphic design, we provide results to our clients by implementing SEO best practices and utilizing a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services


Web Sharx specializes in website development, graphic design, and Internet marketing services. Our various services allow us to evolve and reach across unique creative disciplines and digital platforms, thus pulling together a marketing strategy to better portray your business opportunity.


We build brands. We exceed traditional boundaries with targeted advertising, brand development and unique graphic materials. We develop brands across all platforms, ensuring brand interactions are consistent at each touch-point, through the most creative methods.


Through an integrated approach to digital marketing, we’ve earned a reputation as a leading web and graphic design agency. In a landscape that’s constantly innovating, Web Sharx is here to guide your business through today and the future, equipping you with the right tools for success.


We provide web design services in the following areas:

We offer a comprehensive suite of web design services that are designed to bring your unique vision and business goals to life. Our work is premised on the idea that your website is one of, if not the most, important mediums for growth and profitability in the digital age. We build and design sites that make an impact on visitors, associate your brand and image with quality and professionalism, and provide an excellent return on investment.


Web Sharx is an incredibly hard working company who's graphics and design skill are second to none. We are incredibly pleased with the results of the website they built for us. Their knowledge and keen eye for design will enable them to continuously impress those who are fortunate to work with them. We look forward to a long and lasting collaboration with Web Sharx.
Web Sharx is an excellent company located in the heart of GTA. I submitted my web project, and they understood all my needs and produced exactly what was in my mind: a clean and professional website! In fact they beat all of my expectations and best of all, the project was accomplished on time and according to our budget.
Web Sharx designed and created my website from start to finish with exceptional detail and creativity. The company's willingness to learn about my industry eased the process of designing my website the way I wanted. I look forward to working with Web Sharx further on this project as well as other future projects and highly recommend their work.
Web Sharx are experts when it comes to graphic design. I hired the company to redesign a document that needed some finishing touches, with competing deadlines. They were able to complete the project with a quick turnaround time, without sacrificing quality. I would not hesitate to work with Web Sharx again for future projects.
Web Sharx's developers were very patient with the many questions I had in regards to building my first website. They were able to accommodate the many last minute revisions at every turn. The company's staff is very thorough as well. They shared their opinions freely which was essential to a conductive working environment leading to an exceptional website design.


Websharx has done an absolute amazing job! I have used them for multiple websites and referred them to all my friends and will continue to do so! Very professional, good turn around times, and will work constantly to make sure their customers are happy! Definitely look forward to keep working with them
Ryan Mandel
Ryan Mandel
18:51 08 Sep 21
Websharx has done an absolute amazing job! I have used them for multiple websites and referred them to all my friends and will continue to do so! Very professional, good turn around times, and will work constantly to make sure their customers are happy! Definitely look forward to keep working with them.
Ryan Mandel
Ryan Mandel
18:50 08 Sep 21
Best web agency in TO.
Vahid Abolhassani
Vahid Abolhassani
18:55 06 Aug 21
Thank you Web Sharx.You have been a great help to my business.Your staff are fabulous and very professional.If I needed anything you were on the other end of the phone.I would highly recommend your company anytime.Thank you again.
donna hammond
donna hammond
19:33 04 Aug 21
Customer service is a quality that I place much emphasis on. Web Sharx has delivered with excellence on customer service. Web Sharx has been patient, professional, very accommodating, and timely in supporting our website design and launch requirements. Bravo!!
Desmond Hutchinson
Desmond Hutchinson
01:30 03 May 21
Web Sharx are very attentive to detail and would go above and beyond to make sure the client’s vision is replicated to the fullest extent. The team is easy to communicate with, efficient, and provide quality work. They developed a website for us on Wordpress and I wouldn’t change a thing in the process!
Raed Gharbi
Raed Gharbi
05:25 24 Mar 21
Working with Web Sharx has been easy. I have noticed a huge increase in leads. We have been extremely pleased with them.
Stephanie Applejohn
Stephanie Applejohn
16:23 16 Mar 21
Our firm has relied on Web Sharx for Website design and support needs for several years. The entire team is highly skilled and very professional. Whenever we have reached out for support, Web Sharx has responded promptly. I highly recommend them!
Mohor Hatalkar
Mohor Hatalkar
14:34 16 Mar 21
The folks at Web Sharx are at the top of their game! I needed assistance with a website that was getting compromised continuously which other developers could not fix. I gave Baljot a shout and within a day the problem was fixed. He was very quick, professional, and someone I can recommend to everyone. I am so thankful for Web Sharx.
Jodh Toor
Jodh Toor
22:50 11 Mar 21
The folks at Web Sharx are at the top of their game! I needed assistance with a website that was getting compromised continuously which other developers could not fix. I gave Baljot a shout and within a day the problem was fixed. He was very quick, professional, and someone I can recommend to everyone. I am so thankful for Web Sharx.
Jodh Singh Toor
Jodh Singh Toor
22:50 11 Mar 21
Working with Web Sharx has proven to be one of the best business moves I've ever made. When I reached out to them, I received an immediate response, and they were ready to get to work on building my corporate website.Initially, I didn't know what to expect. However, I was very pleasantly surprised. The owner, Baljot Saral, personally went above and beyond to create the absolutely perfect site. He performed at a level that far exceeded my expectations.He accommodated every whim and fancy - instantly. He turned what was a mere vision, into a beautiful reality. Every time I share my site with others, I receive kudos. I even shared with other developers, who said it would cost at least 2-3x (USD) what I paid. Needless to say, I will definitely be using his services again!Highly recommended!
23:08 31 Jan 21
Professionalism, Quality, Patience and GuidanceHappy to have selected Web Sharx for our website design and implementation. They are very responsive to requests, offer guidance and expertise for user friendly options, and complete tasks efficiently and quickly – not to mention they work outside of 9-5 if there are pressing matters that need attention (you’d be surprised how many services won’t). The turn around time is excellent and they always make themselves available for easy communication.Working with Baljot was great from day one. He and the rest of the team are true professionals in that they take your vision and make it a reality but are concerned enough to step in when something could be done better & improved. The process was so smooth and efficient that we decided to use Web Sharx again to replace a current website hosting company; again, the change over was done quickly and efficiently. Wish we had looked to Web Sharx sooner.Highly recommend, especially for those who need work done quickly and at a reasonable price. – which I guess is everyone.
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge
Symposium Cafe Restaurant & Lounge
18:25 28 Jan 21
I brought my simple idea to the team over at Web Sharx and they sent me some samples back which immediately exceeded my expectations with web development, graphic design and marketing. They took my idea and turned it to a brand. Excellent service and very helpful with the whole process!
Bilal Kafeel
Bilal Kafeel
20:19 25 Jan 21
We hired Web Sharx for multiple projects over the years, ranging from redesigning our website online, to launching our e-commerce store with thousands of products. Web Sharx has continued to be our digital partner and we have loved the experience! Hire them for any website development or digital marketing needs! Highly recommended.
08:19 27 Dec 20
We have found WebSharx to have very competent and capable staff who are attentive to our business concerns and marketing ideas. Their fees are competitive and their responsiveness is excellent.
- Mathnasium of McKenzie Towne, Calgary, AB
Mohiuddin Talukder
Mohiuddin Talukder
17:40 23 Dec 20

Our Web Design Portfolio

We maintain a proven track record of providing high quality, professional, and innovative services to businesses and clients across Canada.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web design or website development?

Web design is the process through which a website is built and strategically structured to make navigation intuitive and enjoyable, with a pleasant presentation. Website development is the process of conveying the design in an architecturally-friendly manner on a development platform. Website development consists of various coding techniques, the most popular being HTML and CSS.

Do you provide services in addition to web design?

Yes we do! Our services consist of three main pillars out of our Toronto and Mississauga locations: website development, graphic design and Internet marketing services. Website development consists of custom and creative designs, e-commerce checkout functionality, mobile-friendly websites, content management and more. Our approach to graphic design includes logo design, brand development, marketing and promotional materials, and more. Lastly, our Internet marketing services help you grow your business once launched! This includes search engine optimization, content & blog writing, Google Ads (SEM) management, social media marketing, and more!

Why choose Web Sharx?

Web Sharx began after our Founder realized that web design in Toronto was lacking something: a comprehensive offering of services that could be implemented and managed in one place. We set out to meet that need and provide a solution. Since then, we have helped build and maintain winning websites for companies all over Toronto and the GTA, in diverse industries with different design goals and needs.

Do you work with corporations?

Our corporate services are designed to help streamline and facilitate seamless online transactions, sales, and e-commerce needs. You get a platform that effectively communicates your corporate vision and why your products and/or services are a cut above the rest, developed with a strategy designed to outrank your competition in search results. We have built sites for a diverse group of corporate clients all over Canada. From real estate to the medical supplies industry, medical marijuana, and even financial services, we have built sites that have made a big market impact for our corporate clients and helped them grow their business.

Do you work with small and medium sized businesses?

Our small business web design services are scaled-down versions of our corporate services, with a special focus on helping you secure and defend a foothold in your market or niche. Web design for small business is an essential part of growth and business development, and our services help you connect with markets and customers that would otherwise be out of reach.

Everything we do for our small business clients is personalized. We work with you to match our creativity with your unique vision, providing you with an online presence you will be proud of and that your customers will enjoy.

How much does it cost to design a website?

Designing a website depends on your aspirations and requirements. There are many factors to consider, which include the size of your business and how extensive your site is. The level of functionality and customization determines the amount of expert coding required (HTML, CSS, PHP and more). Our starting rates for website design start at $1,000 & up. Contact our team today and we’ll provide you a no-obligation free quote!

What makes a great website?

There are many elements that create a great website. A great website is easy to navigate, loads quickly, provides visitors with effective prompts that move them seamlessly through the checkout and purchasing process, makes effective use of colour schemes, and judiciously uses media elements.

What does UX mean in web design?

UX stands for “user experience,” and it is a philosophy of web design that involves the use of industry-leading techniques and tools to ensure visitors enjoy their experience. UX includes the visual appeal of a site, the quality and relevance of the content, the layout, the load time, and many other aspects.

What is CMS in web design?

A CMS is “content management system” and it is a web application that allows you to manage the content of your site without requiring much knowledge of specific coding language. A CMS allows you to drag and drop your content and page elements without needing to go into the back end to create them using special coding languages like HTML.

What is responsive web design?

Responsive web design includes design principles that make a site easy to use and navigate regardless of screen size or hardware. It allows your website to be viewed accurately and effectively across tablets, computers, and cellphones.

How do you design a responsive website?

Designing a responsive website includes certain development aspects such as setting your viewport properly so that it correctly communicates to browsers based on the screen size being used. It involves creating responsive images and selecting different images for users based on browser width, having responsive text and media queries, and knowing which page-building plugins to use and avoid.

Responsive web design simply means ensuring websites display accurately and effectively across a range of different screens. The fact of the matter is, most people primarily navigate the internet in this day and age with their phones, and with a combination of devices. You need a website that will display well for all of these users, or you risk them leaving your site out of frustration.

Our responsive web design services ensure that doesn’t happen. We customize your text, graphics, and other on-page elements to make navigation seamless and enjoyable no matter the device or screen size. This means your customers can do business with you just as easily from a phone as they can a laptop or tablet. All successful enterprises actively make use of responsive web design.

How do you design a mobile-friendly website?

Designing a mobile-friendly website is not as straightforward as it sounds. It combines principles of responsive web design, but also includes factors like tailoring your content so that it is short and to the point. It also means ensuring that the vital information on your site (especially your contact information) is easy to find.

Web Sharx has worked with clients from various industries. Learn more about how we can build and optimize your business, to better serve your customers.

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