Pay Per Click Campaign Management Services in Toronto

Pay per click campaign management is designed to allow you to drive traffic to your website, building your customer base through carefully targeted advertising campaigns. As opposed to traditional advertising where you pay a set fee in order to place ads that you are charged for regardless of whether they drive traffic or not, pay per click campaigns utilize a bidding model where you are only charged everytime someone clicks on your ad. If someone just views your ad, you are not charged.


We use keyword research to drive our PPC campaigns so we always know that our strategies are driven in the right direction. We’ll get to know you and your goals, and help you put your business in front of people who are really going to convert.


When you run PPC campaigns, search engines and social media platforms determine who is the best user to show your ads to, which guarantees that you are getting your money’s worth.


Our PPC experts are constantly monitoring your campaigns, checking the data, and making tweaks. We don’t continue doing what isn’t working, and we are constantly testing what really works for you.


Google Adwords PPC marketing sometimes gets a bad reputation because people don’t use it effectively. Instead of “setting and forgetting,” we pay attention to what’s working and make sure we do more of that, and less of anything else, ensuring that your ads are shown to targeted users.

Toronto PPC Management Experts

Our ppc campaigns are underpinned by strong, targeted keyword analysis, so your advertising dollars are never spent needlessly. We will spend the time required to fully understand you, your business, and your strategic goals so that your advertising appears in front of the people most likely to convert into customers.

A pay per click campaign integrates search engine and social media platforms, utilizing information and data gathered by powerful, intelligent algorithms, that let you know who your target market is.

Monitoring and Adjusting Your Campaign

When you hire Web Sharx to manage and execute your PPC campaign, we will be constantly monitoring, and analyzing data to make sure that we are only pursuing the most meaningful leads and trends. The goal is to be continuously discounting data that does not lead to increased clicks and conversions.

Pay per click campaigns are a bone of contention among many marketers who feel that they are just set and forgotten about, which is why we are always monitoring the data. We track your market to make sure your targeted advertising is truly focused on viable customers.

As search engine and social media algorithms become more intelligent and focused, the opportunity for data-driven marketing which identifies and reaches your target demographics increases dramatically. Get in touch with Web Sharx today and let us show you why our ppc management services are some of the most sought after in Toronto.


Our Toronto and Mississauga internet marketing experts know how to get you the most for your money, so talk to us today to start creating something that works for you. Check out our team’s Toronto search marketing portfolio now!

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