At Web Sharx, our expert analysts know how to read the market and understand the figures that help you run your business productively. We provide an in-depth competitive analysis for your website to make sure that you always have an edge up on your competition, so you’ll never let them get ahead.

We help you figure out who your competition is, where the growth opportunities in your market are, and the areas where you can make your money go further. Simply put, our research will help you grow and prosper.

A Competitor Analysis Lets You Know Where You Stand

Most companies dedicate a considerable amount of money to studying and understanding how their competition operates, where they are succeeding (in order to do better), and where they are failing (in order to avoid the same mistakes).

People constantly shop around between websites to compare similar, even identical products, and the slightest differences in layout, in description, even colour schemes and website themes can mean the difference between increased business and lost sales.

Evolve With the Market

Businesses that don’t change with the times don’t survive. Constantly keeping on top of your analytics and incorporating it into how you market to your customers, how you send out promotional and marketing material, and how you get a leg up on the other businesses that are trying to outcompete you will place you head and shoulders above your competition. Many new online businesses ignore, or don’t know how to properly leverage their analytics, and end up failing within their first year without ever understanding why.

Make sure that doesn’t happen by recruiting the help of an experienced data analytics firm. Contact Web Sharx today and find out more about how our competitor analysis can help you stay ahead of a constantly shifting market, filled with changing opportunities and pitfalls.


An in-depth analysis will help you see what your competitors are doing, and make sure that you are always one step ahead. We take apart every element of their website and dissect it to help you make sure yours meets the grade.


Your website is one of the most important tools in your marketing toolkit. Often, your customers and visitors are comparing your products or services to that of your competitor’s, and they do it all online. If your website doesn’t stack up to theirs, you could lose out.


Are you ready to achieve your business goals? The key to success could be right in front of you. Let us help you take your business to new heights and ensure that your website helps you stand out from the competition.


A thorough analysis also allows you to stay on top of the current market research and the developments within your industry. This can provide you with the best opportunities to maximize your profits and take advantage of the weaknesses within the market.


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