Experienced Graphic Designers in Toronto

If you don’t invest time and money into graphic design services, your marketing strategy is starting off on the wrong foot. Successful companies understand that a significant percentage of their marketing success is based on the visuals they have chosen and how they resonate with customers and audiences. You want images with staying power that communicate who your business is and what it does.

People see your visuals before they read your text, and if your logo and other site visuals look hastily put together and unprofessional, people will assume the same about your brand.


Our graphic designers are some of Toronto’s brightest and most talented digital artists. Each of our team members has studied their craft and perfected their techniques, and we have a portfolio to showcase what we can really do.


Whether you need wedding invitations or you want to design a new logo for your company, we are ready to create something truly amazing for you.


Good graphic design is about more than just art. It’s about building a brand that comes together to communicate a message to your clients and audience.


We love putting our passion to work to create stunning designs for your website and your brand, or any other project you’re working on. Let us show you what it really means to have a beautiful visual message.

Graphic Design Services in Toronto

Web Sharx specializes in the following graphic design services, among many other types of projects you may have, in Toronto and the GTA: Stationery Design Corporate Brochure Design Business Leaflets and cards Custom Invitation Card Trade Show and Exhibition Designs Newsletter Design Wedding Invitation Cards

Flyer Design

While flyers may seem like outdated technology, paper flyers are still viable marketing tools and remain widely used by businesses all over Toronto. We create flyer graphics and designs for nonprofits, corporate businesses, election campaigns, and municipalities. People still read and respond to flyers, and catchy, interesting graphics are what grabs their attention.

Brochure Design

Our brochure graphic design services help take your pamphlets and brochures to the next level with eye-popping graphics that make any marketing material look polished and professional. We design multi-page brochures for clients in a wide range of industries, incorporating stunning graphics and visuals to make marketing and informational material more interesting.

Stationery Design

A business that is interested in becoming not just a name, but a brand, understands that it must always be on the lookout for opportunities to announce its presence. Customized stationery with personalized, professional graphic design puts your logo, colours, and brand message at the forefront of all of your written interactions with current and prospective customers.

Invitation Card Design

We design custom invitations for a variety of purposes and industries. For example, we have worked with businesses sending out invitations for corporate events, charities sending out invitations for fundraisers, and individuals that are looking for something personalized and a cut above for a wedding, shower, or birthday. Creating a visually appealing invitation can mean the difference between full attendance and a sea of empty seats.

Exhibition Stand Designs

Successful businesses know that in order to grow, you have to connect with people and contacts in the industry. This invariably means attending relevant industry exhibitions. At exhibitions, you are not only getting to know your competition and building relationships, but establishing your presence. We help our clients achieve this through graphic design services specifically tailored to exhibition stands and designs. Our graphic design team knows what it takes to build large, scaled custom images for exhibition audiences.

Newsletter Designs

Newsletters are something you will want to consider regardless of the line of business you are in, especially if you offer a service and have expert knowledge in an industry. We help our clients create compelling, informative newsletters that combine graphics with text and keep customers abreast of sales, industry trends, and new product offerings.

Wedding Invitation Cards

Creating the perfect wedding invitation card is a major task for soon-to-be newlyweds. This is likely one of the most important invitations a person will ever send and we take this very seriously. Our wedding cards use the same professional graphic design experience and talent we inject into all of our other graphic design services. We give you a finished product that will have guests instantly RSVPing “yes,” and will make a great keepsake for the rest of your lives.

Get started on your graphic design project today.


We work with clients around the Toronto & Mississauga areas and beyond, and will always be able to find a package that works for you. Take a look and view our full Toronto graphic design portfolio today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a graphic design service?

Graphic design services are professional visual and image design for individuals, companies, public entities and nonprofits who require either electronic and/or hardcopy invitations, flyers, brochures, marketing materials, and more.

What services does a graphic designer offer?

Graphic designers offer professional skills and experience, a keen eye for detail and visuals, and the entire suite of industry-leading design tools, which typically means the entire Adobe Creative Suite.

What should a flyer include?

A flyer is something that your audience should be able to look at, read, and understand with little effort and in a short amount of time. The goal is to convey vital information quickly and effectively. This information should: prominently feature contact information, break information into easily digestible segments, utilize bullet points and numbering, and contain visually appealing images.

How much do you charge to design a flyer?

Pricing varies according to the amount and type of content. A flyer that requires several customized graphics created from scratch will be more labour-intensive, which will affect the price. A simpler flyer with one or two visuals based on preexisting designs tends to cost less.

How do I design a brochure?

The first step to designing an effective brochure is to make sure your content is polished before putting it into brochure format. Following that, you want to make sure your company or organization’s name and logo are front and centre on the front cover. Avoid small fonts and overcrowding pages with information. There should be sufficient blank space per brochure page that it does not become dizzying to read.

What is stationery design?

Stationery design is graphic design aimed at creating personalized writing and other office materials that feature your company’s logo, colours, slogans and/or insignia. These are a great way to create a sense of professionalism when you send physical written correspondence and another opportunity for marketing and brand recognition with your clients.

What is an exhibition stand?

An exhibition stand is essentially a presentation marketing your business and informing potential customers and/or partners at industry or niche-specific exhibition. If you have ever attended a trade show or exhibition at a place like the Toronto Convention Centre, you will no doubt have seen these. Graphic design services can help add visual appeal and uniqueness to an exhibition stand in a sea of competition all vying for attention.

Get started with our graphic design team today. Talk to us now and we’ll get started on a project that will really boost your business and brand.