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Have you ever heard something from your relatives or friends that seed your mind with the right kind of thoughts? We are sure once in your lifetime. You must have listened to this kind of big philosophical thing from your folks. And although it’s vital at the same time to fetch positivity and good things in your life.

Similarly, content seeding works to fetch good leads and traffic for your website. Many marketers around the world use content seeding as a strategy to bring brand awareness among users. And if you are a budding marketer, then content seeding will do miracles for you.

Content seeding is mostly influencers-based marketing, where you approach influencers to promote your product and services. According to Twitter, 49% of consumers rely on influencers for product recommendations or suggestions. Hence, they are the key! One of the best ways to grow your ecommerce business or attract users to the online business is by seeding content.

Still, Confused? Don’t worry; in this writeup, you can get insights about content seeding, what it is, so Let’s know more about content seeding without any delay.

What Do You Understand by Content Seeding?

Suppose you create an outstanding piece of content and post it on the internet without any reliable and planned approach that may not get the desired results, and this is where content seeding comes into play.

Content seeding is a planned marketing approach where you post content on different online platforms to get a fair amount of traffic. As a marketer, it is necessary to create content and post on the various locations where the content can be seen. Influencers are the top-notch choice for content seeding because they usually have enormous audiences.

But, why only content seeding? In layman’s terms, it increases brand awareness by pushing content across the web to relevant target groups willing to buy from the business.

It’s a really powerful approach that could boost up your business development especially, if you decide to outsource startup marketing or business promotion and make you get 3-5k free, relevant traffic before you even start writing content.

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Who and How Should Use Content Seeding?

Here is the fundamental question!

Content seeding is mostly used by marketers who want to fetch traffic from different places on the web. As it is known that content is the king, but it’s not of any use without the right strategy. If you are a marketing enthusiast, it is essential to know how you can seed content on the targeted network.

Content seeding is not just limited to marketers, but any business or content creator can use it to allure organic traffic.

Step 1: Platforms and Communities Where You Can Seed Your Content for the Right Amount of Traffic

Consistently writing great content is the key to drive the right amount of traffic to your website. Your whole marketing strategy depends on the content you create. Your website looks like a barren land without rich content.

There are a number of online platforms on which you can seed your content, like Facebook, Linkedin, Reddit, forums, etc.

facebook logo


Facebook is one of the prime social media platforms with more than 2 billion users. And using Facebook, you can get many potential leads and turn potential prospects into regular buyers. These days, social media platforms let you split your audience base to display your content to the users’ in a specific region. You can also target users based on other criteria like age, gender, interest, etc.

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If you are unaware of LinkedIn’s potential, then you are missing something big. Seeding content on LinkedIn can skyrocket your traffic. Content seeding and social media have interchangeable jobs. Content seeding on LinkedIn can connect you to more and more audiences, and this will automatically work in favor of your social presence. LinkedIn is best for reaching out to professional prospects.

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Reddit is a vast source of traffic, and you can seed your content here, but you should keep your posts highly relevant to the users. Reddit hates direct marketing, and if you try to market something on Reddit, then its algorithm may not be friendly with it. However, you can fetch a fair amount of traffic with the right strategy of content seeding.



Through forums, you can seed your content in the form of discussion. Forum content seeding mainly serves a number of purposes like:

  • Spreading awareness
  • Campaign or promotional sales
  • Social sharing and social media

Find different communities over these platforms and engage with them because it is an effective method to target the audience.

For instance, if you are a growth hacker, you can go to Growthhackers, Indiehackers, and Morioh. These platforms are relevant for your content seeding. Suppose if you are writing content for a particular niche, you must have to find relevant platforms and communities pages to pitch your content.

Step 2: Build Relationships

Content seeding is not just about sprinkling content on the internet, but it is about building strong relationships with users through proper brand awareness. Content seeding can help make good relationships with influencers, and generally, influencers are the best option to aim for the desired audience.

Step 3: Ask a Relevant Question about a Relevant Pain; Your Product Can Help to Solve

How do you feel when you are unable to change a prospect into a buyer? Surely not good. Selling to people who don’t buy or won’t purchase is a significant drain of your sales efforts. Hence, it is necessary to know the audience well.

And for that, you should ask relevant questions to the audience because it helps you put the right thing in front of them. Traffic is directly proportional to users’ solutions. Thus, you can check a few examples of how to start a meaningful conversation with your potential buyers.

For example, if you have a marketing automation tool, ask how people use automation sets to do marketing. Addressing the right question promotes your brand authenticity over the internet. It will also help you in understanding what the users want in the tool and what they already have. Based on the user feedback, you can reduce your scope to a minimum yet targeting more people.

Answer each comment, and be active as much as possible

Engage with your user through comments and respond to all the comments because it will help make a brand more authentic and trustworthy. Be active as much as possible because it fills all the communication gaps between you and users.

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Step 4. Collect All the Answers, and Write Your Content/Case Study

Collect all the answers from the relevant platforms and write your content and case study. Case studies help users to get a proper idea about your services and products. According to data from the Content Marketing Institute, case studies rank as one of the most popular content marketing methods.

Step 5. Get Back to This Community as Content Will Be Finished and Make a Post about It

After relevant research, get back to this community and make a coherent post about it. Quality content will do miracles if you are providing sufficient and concisely compiled information to the users.

1. Make a catchy post

Your blog probably could be one of your company’s most critical marketing tools. Before making a post, planning is essential; plan first and then knit a catchy post. For example, when writing educational posts, you can create a handy infographic on workplace organization to make it easier for readers to consume information.

2. Attach the screenshot\reference to the previous discussion

Attaching relevant screenshots and references to the previous discussion will make your post appropriate and more interactive to the users. It also helps them connect with your content post on a deeper level.

3. Hashtag the people who were active in the discussion

Add hashtags in your post, or you can hashtag people who were active in the discussion. The feature helped people organize into pairs and create conversational streams.

4. Ask to promote your content among their networks as well

Ask those networks to promote your content among their networks as well. It fetches shares and helps your post to extend reach of your startup, business or even a blog via content.

Bonus Option: Use Retargeting

Retargeting also means remarketing. Use retargeting because it is a powerful branding and conversion optimization method.

Retargeting is so useful because it focuses your advertising on people who are already familiar with your brand and have recently expressed interest. That’s why marketers who use it see a considerable ROI than other digital channels.

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