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Making a website for your business can be a huge challenge; especially if you don’t have any design experience under your belt. Think of your website as your virtual storefront where your homepage acts as your front door. You want your website to be pleasing to the eye and invite customers in. Achieving appealing web design will help you do just that! Below you will find a few innovative homepage design ideas you can utilize for your business website.

Dropbox Business website homepage


Take a look at DropBox’s effective yet simple design. This is a well-designed page because it keeps the user experience in mind, and makes it simple for customers to be able to find what they are looking for, while also being visually appealing. In addition, there is adequate copy on the page so that the customer is able to access more information if they need to, while also showcasing DropBox’s user interface and what the customer will expect to see once they sign up.

Southwest Airlines website homepage

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines’ homepage clearly and effectively showcases their brand identity. Communicating your brand identity on your homepage is also an effective idea for your website design. Your imagery plays a key part in building your brand and audience. Your logo, tagline, brand imagery and values can and should play a part on your homepage. Show a little personality so you can stand out from the crowd.

thredUP website homepage


As an ecommerce brand, it might be difficult for you to choose what you show on your website homepage design. Should you show your products or categories? Your flagship products? Or do you introduce your business? In this case, thredUP decided to go for a seasonal approach to show off their brand’s product offerings. They use a clean graphic that advertises the fashion available without being too overwhelming, and the navigation might be a lot but it remains clean so visitors can find what they need.

Bookouture website homepage


Here’s an example of how to make a minimalist design work for your business website. Bookouture is a digital publisher and its homepage directly targets authors who are looking to publish their books online. Check out their use of the laptop graphic, which is a smart move for them and conveys their service quite clearly. Their header and navigation is clear, and another CTA is located to learn more about what they offer.

Copyblogger website homepage


Copyblogger uses the hero image approach on their homepage design. This approach is used to describe an oversized banner image at the top of a website. It’s used to show a glimpse of your company and offering because it is placed in a prominent position and usually extends full-width. This site is very clean, minimal and light which helps to make it inviting and easy on the eyes.

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